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weather web sitesTV weather is for old people who don’t know how to use the Internet. In a world where you can get the weather with a quick Google search there’s really no need to wait for your local television station to get around to talking about the weather.

But what if you want more detail than that simple Google search can provide? Simple; just check out the Weather Undergroundweb site. This site gives you far more information than you could ever actually need, and provides it in any number of ways depending on your preference. Best of all, you can get to it’s page quickly via the Google search demonstrated above; for most regions there’s a link to Wunderground right below it.

Wunderground, as it’s sometimes called, has been around for a while but is still worth taking a look at because it’s very net friendly and, unlike many similar services, not tied to some massive media conglomerate.

The Main Page

weather web sites

Loading up Wunderground’s page reveals not just the weather but any weather-related information you could possibly desire. There’s the standard five-day forecast, an hour-by-hour breakdown of what the weather will do, a wide choice of satellite images to take a look at and even various webcams from around your region. There are many more tidbits to check out, so be sure to take a look around.

personal weather web sites


But Wunderground goes beyond just being a weather web site with a dump of useful information; it’s also a source for information you can use in interesting ways. For example, every location Wunderground provides weather for also comes with an iCal link. This is an easy way to add weather to your calendar application of choice, whatever that might be.

personal weather web sites

There’s also a really nice RSS feed, seen above. This can plug into Google Reader or whatever your RSS reader of choice may be. Neat, right?

Fullscreen Weather

personal weather web sites

If you don’t like the data dump that is the main Wunderground page, I highly recommend you check out their alternative service Full Screen Weather. This web site provides weather from Wunderground mashed up with Google Maps. Every local weather station’s temperature is revealed, as is a simple five-day forcast. You can also enable live radar, clouds and precipitation here. This is a great overview of the weather without any clutter, so check it out.

Plugins & Apps

Because of Wunderground’s very open API there are some great Wunderground-based plugins and apps out there. For example, see this great extension for Google Chrome:

interactive weather web sites

Find this extension here.

There’s also a pretty awesome Wunderground app for Boxee Boxee Beta - The Best Media Center App for Your TV Boxee Beta - The Best Media Center App for Your TV Read More , called Boxee Weather. Here’s what it looks like:

weather web sites

Find more information about Boxee Weather.

There are more, of course. Here’s a quick list featuring just a few:

Know any more good plugins, apps or mashups featuring Wunderground? Share in the comments below!


Wunderground’s been my favorite source of weather since my wife introduced me to it many years back. I hope you appreciate it too, because it’s not always easy finding the best sites on the web for a particular task.

If you, on the other hand, know a better site for finding weather you should probably share. Unless you work for that site, because I think it’s really lame when people do that. Also, could you please share your thoughts on this site, and what you’ve used it for? Thanks.

Finally, if you guys want to discuss how the weather is where you are this is as good a place as any. As for me: today here in Boulder it’s much cooler than days past but I still can’t wait for fall. I love cold weather.

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