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Waze is a new app available for multiple devices but it’s aimed towards the android OS and the iPhone. Basically, it incorporates all the mapping functions of your standard GPS with a real-time community alert system.

What that means is that if you’re cruising along a highway and there’s a traffic jam ahead, you’ll get a warning from someone stuck in the jam who decided to be nice and inform the world about it.

avoid traffic jam

It’s not only for traffic jams, police traps, accidents, speed cameras, broken traffic lights and any number of “˜Custom’ events can be flagged up. What’s more, when these obstructions are flagged up by other users and if they’re in the way of your route, Waze will automatically alter your course so you can avoid them.

Despite all these features, it takes a community to make Waze what it should be; and there is a shortage of alerts with community activity being sporadic. However, the reason for the afore mentioned lack of community is that the program is still in beta (even alpha for some devices), plus the fact that it takes time for an active community to build up. In time, this will make an extremely useful app. Definitely worth having, especially for the commuter.

For more details watch demo video below:


Check out Waze @

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