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new tv showsThere’s an overwhelming amount of entertainment to keep up with these days – whether in the form of books, movies, music or TV shows. And there’s probably a lot of shows we’re missing out on, simply because we haven’t discovered them. To make life a little easier, we’ve put together a list of 5 sites designed to make it easier to discover new TV shows, based on the TV series you already like to watch.

Whether based on user-generated ratings or complex algorithms, these 5 sites are able to make solid recommendations on what you’d like to watch based on just one TV show and nothing more. In some cases, the sites will recommend more than just new TV shows, suggesting books, movies and more. In other cases, they will allow you to narrow down your results based on specific attributes any given show may possess.


One of the most obvious ways to discover new TV shows is to use a site like Tastekid. While it goes far beyond just TV shows – making recommendations for movies, books, music and more – it’s just as great when it comes to what’s on the tube.

Just put in the name of the show, and Tastekid will make some recommendations based on that one selection.

new tv shows

Tastekid is a pretty cool service because it goes beyond just recommending other TV shows. Where relevant, it can also recommend movies, music or even books based on a TV show, making it possible to broaden your horizons beyond just other similar TV shows that you might enjoy.



Clicker doesn’t offer much in the way of bells and whistles when it comes to recommending similar TV shows based on your taste. Like Tastekid, just search for the TV show of your choice and in a sidebar on the right, it will list a few related shows that are of a similar genre.

free tv shows online

One of Clicker’s strengths is the fact that you can easily click through from one show to the other and you’ll instantly be presented with another list of related shows. The site makes it easy to TV-hop so to speak, so while you might not find something exactly like the show you originally searched for, you could end up finding some pretty interesting new TV shows to watch that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.


Jinni is a site that specializes in recommending TV shows and movies based on your taste. Searching for a TV show of your choice, just click on the ‘see more like‘ section, and you’ll be presented with lists of similar shows.

free tv shows online

Jinni’s strength is not in just displaying similar TV shows, it goes one step further by allowing you to search by (or narrow your results down by) mood, plot, genres, period and more. This makes it easy to pinpoint a new TV show to watch based not only on a TV show that you already like, but based on a certain aspect of that TV show that appeals to you in particular.

You will find, however, that Jinni does mix TV and movie recommendations in one.


GetGlue is all about making watching TV social, but you can still use it to discover new TV shows even if you don’t use the other features on the site. When you search for a TV show of your choice, click the little ‘information’ button in the banner, and a pop-up with information about the TV show will appear. Scrolling down to the end, you’ll find a list of other TV shows that are recommended for you.

free tv shows online


Most of us associate IMDB with movies more than TV shows, but the site is just as useful when it comes to finding out more about the latest TV series, and discovering other similar shows.

When you search for any given show, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a section, ‘People who liked this also liked…‘ From there you can discover more similar shows based on your taste.

new tv shows

The way IMDB works, the recommendations are actually made based on other user’s ratings, so it’s not just a series of computer generated results, but rather are based on what other IMDB users are following.

How do you discover new TV shows to watch? Let us know in the comments.

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