WaxFM: Find Your Favorite Music Records On Vinyl

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If you are an old-school music aficionado, you’ll know that music on vinyl is unlike music on CD’s or MP3 players. WaxFM lets you find your favorite albums on vinyl without any hassle. Just search by name of the album, artist or catalog number.

If you don’t know enough information to search, just browse through the bestsellers, browse by artist or find a record store close to you that sells vinyl records. Each record listing includes information about tracks, a cover image and a list of online stores like eBay and Amazon that are currently selling that particular record.

You can also see a list of top selling vinyl records of all time or see a list of physical stores that sell vinyl records.

wax2   WaxFM: Find Your Favorite Music Records On Vinyl

wax3   WaxFM: Find Your Favorite Music Records On Vinyl


  • Find your favorite records on vinyl.
  • Search by artist, title or catalog number.
  • Browse list of bestsellers or by artist name.
  • See what stores are currently selling a particular record.
  • No registration required.

Visit WaxFM @ Wax.fm

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