Wave Control: Control the Music Player With Hand Gestures [Android 2.2+]

When you are enjoying music on your smartphone, the device usually locks when you do not use it for a while. To perform actions such as skipping songs, you need to unlock the phone’s screen, access the music options, and tap the pause/next/previous button according to the action you need to perform. Here to shorten and simplify the process is an Android app called Wave Control.

wave control   Wave Control: Control the Music Player With Hand Gestures  [Android 2.2+]

Wave Control is sized at nearly 400 KB and requires Android version 2.2 or later. The app lets you control the music player with your hand gestures. The phone’s sensor, which is usually located next to the earpiece, detects your hand gestures such as hovering and multiple waves.

Through these simple actions, you can pause/resume and play the next or previous song. These basic features come with the free version of the app that includes ads. The paid version costs $1, excludes ads, and lets you customize the gesture assignments.


Check out Wave Control @ play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MarksThinkTank.WaveControl 

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