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wwHeadHey there boys and girls.  Not all my posts can be about troubleshooting and fixing computer issues. Sometimes I need a break and I want to write about some fun stuff too. So today I am going to show you a Lemming’s like game that you can play in your browser called Water Werks.

The Water Werks game is very fun and VERY addictive. You have blobs of water or maybe bubbles moving around the board. You need to guide them to safety – not really sure why but it is pretty fun. Let’s see how it works and how we can play it.

We start by visiting the Water Werks game homepage. Once you get there you have to click Play Game below the logo.

water werks game

You will then be brought to a level select window where you can see all forty five levels. You can feel safe that this will keep you busy for some time to come with all of these free levels! Click continue and we will see the instructions.


online water werks game

The first instruction screen says you need to spray your hose to get the blobs to safety – you do not spray the blobs but instead you interact with the scenery. For example you spray your hose on a trap door closing it allowing the blobs to get to where they need to go.

water werks game

Blobs can be different colors. Receptacles can be gray or a specific color. Gray ones take all blobs, specific colored blobs just take that particular color.


They get creative and make hose extensions and other objects that you can spray through”¦


You can make your hose spray wide or thin by pressing the left and right arrows – this is helpful for getting through small spaces or if you need a quick little blast.


After all the little guys are moved to safety you will be able to complete the level and TWO new ones will open up for you. Click on the done button and let’s move on to playing the game!


Here is the first board. The blobs move down from the top and flow to the right and then the left. But how can they get to the gray receptacle? You will have to do a little thinking”¦.don’t worry I will wait!


(SPOILER ALERT!!!) OK! So you figured out that you can spray the wooden thing at the bottom to move it up to complete a bridge-like object allowing the little guys to get to where they are going. You can see the solution below. This one was easy!


As the boards go on they will get gradually harder. They will require thinking, strategizing and even a little hair pulling at times (this is not for the Water Werks game but some of these boards will drive you simply batty. Take a look at this board a little later on:


The game is addictive! Actually my post was a little late due to the fact that this game has taken over my day. Um actually can I take that back? I meant I had to go to the dentist and…aw shucks who am I fooling?! I love a good free online game!  Sorry Mark :)

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