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real time sportsSports scores, highlight reels and a TV schedule tailored to your location and TV provider. Whatever sport or league you’re a fan of, “Are You Watching This!?” can fill you in with the latest about it. There are no shortage of places to go to find the latest sports scores and highlights. Most leagues have this and more on their website, and there are a plethora of blogs and websites dedicated to sports.

“Are You Watching This?!” is different than all of them. Equipped with a computer that knows when a game is getting good, this real time sports service can tell you which games are worth watching. It can even send you a text message when you absolutely need to turn on a game your TV carrier is broadcasting. Combine this with scores, highlights and a social aspect that connects you with other fans, and you’ve got a pretty impressive hub for all things sports.

Getting Started

Head over to Are You Watching This to get started. The homepage will show you selections from every major sport, focusing mostly on those popular in North America. Browse this if you like all sports, or click a particular league in the top menu bar to focus on just that sport. Being raised in Canada, I always click on NHL:

real time sports

As you can see, the dashboard for a given sport includes today’s games with live scores, arranged according to how exciting they are. You’ll also see live comments from other fans, as well as access to other panels. Of particular interest is the TV schedule. Let this service know where you live, and your TV carrier, and you’ll see when the games are on in your time zone and what station they can be found on:


real time sports software

It also tells you the number of the channel you’re looking for; this is very useful for cable and satellite customers. If you want to see all games, regardless of whether you can watch them on TV, click “Schedule“. You’ll get an unfiltered look at the day’s games (and then perhaps find a way to watch sports not broadcast in your country How To Watch Sports Not Broadcast In Your Country How To Watch Sports Not Broadcast In Your Country Read More ).

There’s a social aspect to this app as well. You can predict who will win games, comment on a given game and vote if you think a certain game is going to be exciting.

Want alerts when a game turns out to be epic? Sign up for an account and you can set all of that up:

real time sports software

You can set the app to only show you sports you care about, so don’t worry about being flooded with useless information.

Chrome App

Like this, but looking for a less cluttered interface? If you’re a Chrome user you’re in luck; there’s an app for this in the Chrome Web Store Google Chrome 8: Introducing The Chrome Web Store Google Chrome 8: Introducing The Chrome Web Store Read More :

real time sports

It’s not just a bookmark; it’s a completely different interface. Put the content you’re interested in into panels, and you’ll have a one-click overview of your favorite sports. You’ll even have fast access to highlight reels! Some features aren’t quite finished, but this is one of the better Chrome Apps I’ve seen yet. It even works offline, though obviously without the real-time scores.


There aren’t a heck of a lot of quality sports apps, presumably because sports and geekery don’t always gel. Being a huge geek and a hockey fan, however, I found this app to be fantastic.

What about you? Do you like “Are You Watching This!?”, or do you know of better real time sports tools?  If so, please share in the comments below. Just don’t shatter my dream of the Leafs making the playoffs; I’ve been hurt too many times and don’t want to talk about it.

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