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WatchDox is a web based service that provides users with safe and secure document sharing over internet. WatchDox uploads documents to secure WatchDox server where users have full control when it comes to which people can view, print or forward documents. Furthermore, they can track who, when and where the documents were opened.

The cool part, documents can not be copied, print-screened without the owner’s permission. Additional security measures such as screen curtain and document background watermarks are provided as well. Go ahead and check out a sample here.

How does it work?

  • Enter recipient’s email, select documents on your hard drive, set permissions, expiration dates etc.
  • Upload your documents, add additional notes to the files and send them.
  • The recipients will receive an email with a link to view those documents. They do not need to install anything to be able to view the documents.

document sharing over internet

Feature overview:

  • Secure document sharing over the net.
  • All documents are kept on secure WatchDox server.
  • Control who can view, copy-paste, print or forward documents.
  • Track who and when opened the document and where they were opened.
  • Supported document formats: doc, docx  ppt, pptx, pps  xls, xlsx, pdf, odt, odp, ods txt, rtf.
  • The documents can not be copied or print-screened without your permission.
  • Additional security measures like curtain and watermark are also available.
  • Personal account to keep track of shared documents in one place.
  • Upload up to two documents and up to 15 MBs each time.
  • Storage limit is restricted to 50 MBs.
  • Microsoft Outlook plug-in to send protected documents directly from Outlook available.
  • Set document expiration period to anytime up to 30 days.
  • Note: The application is free during beta testing period.

Check out WatchDox @


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