Watch your Favorite Stand up Comedians Online on Youtube

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watch-stand-up-online We have already told you about the best places to watch documentary movies. This time, we’ll do the same for standups.

So where do you watch stand up comedy online? Well, the only website you’ll ever need for that is Youtube. You will be able to find tons of hillarious clips from the best stand up comedians there. No need to register or pay for anything. It’s free. Search, click and watch.

To make things easier we listed some of the best stand up comedians out there along with the links to their videos. Check them out. In case we missed one, just lets us know in comments.

Katt Williams – Weed

So as you can see Youtube is a great website for standups. In most cases you should be able to find all performances right there.

If you would like to download some standups and carry them on your MP3 players or mobile phone try

Are you aware of any other video website dedicated to standups? Let us know in comments.

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Dane Cook = Not a comedian.


What’s with everyone jumping on this hate bandwagon?

Admit it, first time you saw this guy you thought he was funny.



I hate to be critical of, but really this is an article? Find films of comedians online on youtube??? Isnt that the most utterly blindingly obvious thing? What will the next article be, “Ever wanted to find out stuff about stuff, well try Wikipedia!”


Peter, it may be obvious to some people bu not everyone. You might be surprised by how many people search Google for “watch standup comedies online”. While writing the aticle I planned to include other resources as well but unfortunately no other website came nearly enough to what you get Youtube. So instead of alternative sources we gave you top comedians list.


Fair enough Aibek, obviously people may not realise that Youtube is a good resource for stand up, I may have been a little hasty in criticising.



You must take a look at Bill Bailey – and I particularly recommend his Chaucer Pubbe Gagge.

I’ll just take this opportunity to say how much I like MakeUseOf – I really appreciate the stuff you guys produce. Keep it up!


Enjoy! Make sure to spread the word about us ;-)



brian regan! hilarious. brian posehn and jim gaffigan too. good stuff



Oh my, you got me addicted again… tricky you ;)


Mackenzie Morgan



Try these:
Jim Gaffigan
Kyle Cease

I like them, Dane Cook, and Mitch Headberg



This one is great!:

Mitch Hedberg


Doug Fezzzzz

Here is MY favorite comedian:

Watch him warm up and go into DESTRUCTION!

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