6 Sites To Watch Super Bowl TV Commercials Online

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1_ intro_sb44Commercials. Every time we turn on our televisions we are bombarded with advertisements. Companies devote time, resources, and large amounts of cash into targeting these ads to us – the consumers – in hopes of converting their efforts into profits. Some of us enjoy watching the commercials, sure, but most of the time we try to ignore them, save for those few that actually catch our attention. I suppose that’s why the DVR is so popular, but I digress…

Super Bowl Sunday, however, is a very different story. Millions of people will watch Super Bowl XLIV (#SB44), and many could care less about the outcome of the game. Everyone loves the commercials; and they should, because companies pay top dollar for their 30 seconds in the spotlight. Some of the best ads you’ll see all year are shown during the Super Bowl, which brings me to my point.

You can view the best Super Bowl TV commercials on the Internet. In this article, I will point you to various sites where you can view past and present Super Bowl TV commercials online, so get ready to laugh.


super bowl tv commercials

The game is being televised on CBS this year, so that’s a good place to start. They have a page set up for you to watch every 2010 commercial as soon as the game is over. You can sort the list by what quarter of the football game the ad appeared or by advertiser name.

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Earlier in the week, CBS had a vote for some of the greatest Super Bowl commercials of the past. You can view the ones that made the top 10 here. They range in years from 2004 to 2009.

YouTube AdBlitz

super bowl tv commercials

YouTube AdBlitz is a great place where you can watch ads during the game and vote on the ones you like best. When it’s all said and done, the viewers’ top choice will be featured on YouTube’s homepage as the best Super Bowl commercial of 2010.



Similar to YouTube, FanHouse will be displaying ads from this year’s Super Bowl. You can watch live and I’m assuming you will be able to vote for your “fan favorite” as well. They also have a page for you to view 2009’s commercials in excellent quality.


watch super bowl tv commercials

If you are a long time fan of Super Bowl commercials and want to view some of the best ads of all time, SuperBowl-Ads.com is the place to be. They are the only site (that I have found) that has a mass collection of Super Bowl advertisements from 1998 to 2009, and I’m sure after the big game they will add 2010 to the list.


The videos are a little small but are of reasonably good quality. They also have 6 of the all-time great ads that go way back, including Mean Joe Green’s infamous Coke commercial (my personal favorite).



Hulu has a nice page where you can view all of last year’s commercials in high definition. Hulu started their advertising campaign last year with a Super Bowl commercial starring Alec Baldwin. I think that worked out pretty well for them.



NFL.com also has a page for viewing all of 2009’s Super Bowl commercials in widescreen, high def format. There’s no telling on whether or not they will be displaying commercials from this year’s game (or when that would be), but I’m sure they will be.

And there you have it, the best places to watch Super Bowl TV commercials online. That should keep you busy for a while, or at least give you something to show your friends at your Super Bowl party. Hopefully companies will come out with some great commercials this year!

As always, I hope you found these sites useful””and I wish you the best of luck if one of your teams is in the big game this year. Please leave any thoughts, ideas, comments, etc. below!

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