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Last night, people all over the world watched the longest lunar eclipse in 100 years. The view was quite different depending on where you were. Some had a perfect view, some areas had the view obscured by clouds or daylight, while in Asia viewers saw an extra red ash glow from the volcanoes in Chile. For those who didn’t get the best view last night, there’s plenty of great footage and photos online today.

A live feed with extra information from astronomers was provided last night by Slooh. Information remains on the site, but there’s no recorded footage. Google also featured an extremely popular live YouTube eclipse event, but there is no sign of an official full-length recorded replay from Google yet. Google however decided to commemorate the event with a Google Doodle featuring a brief interactive video of the eclipse.

The Doodle is now off the Google front page but eventually it will be added to the Google Doodle Archive.

Here’s a professional 15 minute video by user xRaisen of the lunar eclipse saved for later viewing on YouTube.


The same YouTube user has created a shortened version of the eclipse which can be watched in under 30 seconds.

Everyday moongazers are beginning to put up their own recordings of the eclipse, which can be found on YouTube here or on Flickr here.

Did you see the eclipse? How was the view where you were? Isn’t it great to be able to watch it online after the event?

Source: Mashable

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