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Independent film 4 Blogs For Staying Updated On All Things Indie Film 4 Blogs For Staying Updated On All Things Indie Film If you're like me, you probably spend hours swimming through (and sometimes cringing at) all of the independent films on Netflix. Sometimes, you may even try to find some indie flicks online. However, one of... Read More productions don’t enjoy the big budgets that large studios have access to, nor can they afford famous movie stars, eye-watering special effects or huge global releases. Unlike blockbuster releases, independent studios often have a say when it comes to where their film is exhibited once it’s finished.

Making a film available on the Internet for free Support Film-Makers & Download Movies For Free With VODO [Stuff to Watch] Support Film-Makers & Download Movies For Free With VODO [Stuff to Watch] Read More says a lot about a studio, and one place where such films are proudly exhibited is IndieFilmsOnline, a rather self-explanatory website that is home to full movies, documentaries and shorts. Each and every one is an independent release Greenlight Your Indie Flick With These 3 Sites Greenlight Your Indie Flick With These 3 Sites Are you a wannabe camera toting film-maker? You don't have to go at it alone anymore. Here are three websites that will help you with the general steps of the movie-making process. With a little... Read More , and new movies are added on a regular basis.

If you’re a fan of indie movies, budget documentaries and short films Short Films: 6 Websites Packed With Short Movies [Stuff to Watch] Short Films: 6 Websites Packed With Short Movies [Stuff to Watch] Short films are perfectly suited to Internet viewing. They require a little sacrifice in terms of attention span, fit perfectly into a coffee break at work and aren’t limited to any particular genre. Everyone can... Read More then you’ll be thrilled by the catalogue on offer.

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Many of the films on IndieMoviesOnline enjoy multi-region playback, with most available in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. You will find the list of supported countries beneath each title, and if you’re living outside these territories then you can always try and circumvent the region restriction using a few tools VPNs Are Old: Better Ways to Access Region-Blocked Video VPNs Are Old: Better Ways to Access Region-Blocked Video Internet users outside of the United States are blocked from accessing the wealth of streaming video and music content available to Americans. Even Americans are deprived of international services like BBC iPlayer. Faced with this,... Read More .

Exhibit A (2007)

A “found footage” film with a very dark atmosphere and spot-on acting. I remember seeing this film a few years ago while on a shaky-cam binge and being both impressed and disturbed in equal measures. The film itself is as cheap as a home movie film can be, but that doesn’t detract from the story which details the breakdown of family life beyond repair.


Maybe it’s the acting, maybe it’s the subject matter but Exhibit A has the power to make you feel very uncomfortable, and for that it’s worth a watch.

9:06 (2009)

I don’t think I’ve ever included a Slovenian film in a Stuff to Watch article before and so today I present the drama-thriller 9:06. Subtitled in English the film tells the story of a police officer assigned to a suicide case who becomes far more entangled in the victim’s life than he first intends to.

The film won 15 awards and was selected as Slovenia’s official submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, though it missed out on a gong. If you like dark foreign thrillers then this is one you might not have seen.

Zen Noir (2004)

A film that dares to ask what happens when Zen meets noir – a question that quite possibly nobody ever asked in the first place. When a Buddhist monk mysteriously dies, a private detective discovers that he’s severely lacking the skills to investigate let alone solve such a case.

This film digs deep to bring a range of genres and themes to the table, and the mix of east meets west tragedy and comedy will delight and confuse.

The Reason Why (2008)

Another first for a Stuff to Watch column, this Austrian film is another intriguing subtitled tale of crime. This time the action takes place in the courthouse where a man is trying to admit to murder, though without a motive and scarce evidence the presiding judge is unsure whether to sentence the so-called criminal.

The subtitled film asks questions about whether it is right to sentence someone without a convincing picture of events, and exactly what would drive someone to confess to a murder they didn’t commit?

Dan Aykroyd – Unplugged on UFOs (2005 Documentary)

A documentary described as “bizarre” that “has to be seen to be believed” puts actor Dan Aykroyd on the spot about the subject of UFOs, aliens, and extra-terrestrial activity. With a runtime of nearly an hour and a half, this is a feature-length film about the actor’s strong views and opinions.

Whether you’re a fan of Dan’s acting, UFO-related documentaries or simply watching from the sidelines out of sheer curiosity this is sure to entertain if nothing more.

The Cutting Edge (2004 Documentary)

Described as a “must see” documentary for fans of the silver screen, this 2004 USA production interviews major directors and film editors about the cutting process. Editing a film together can be a lengthy process, but nothing like the physical cut-and-pasting of times gone by.

This film takes a look at editing from a filmmakers’ point of view, as well as a look back at how the editing process has changed over the last century.

Sweetnightgoodheart (2001 Short)

Before his illustrious role as The Doctor in Dr Who David Tennant was just your average Scottish actor, working in TV and film. Here he is in one of his earlier roles as Pete, the victim of a severe misunderstanding in the 2001 short film Sweetnightgoodheart.

When Pete is ready to break up with his girlfriend a series of events confuses his attempted break-up with a proposal, and before he knows it his house is full of family and friends eager to celebrate the news.

Boy and Bicycle (1965 Short)

This 27-minute long short shot on black and white in 1965 was in fact Ridley Scott’s first finished film, telling the tale of a young English teenager playing truant around a small industrial town. The director went on to direct the huge commercial success Alien, though is probably best known for Blade Runner.

If you’re wondering where it all began for the talented director then this film is the best place to start.

The Rest

IndieMoviesOnline is a website jam-packed with movies, documentaries Step Outside Your Comfort Zone With VICE Magazine's Documentaries [Stuff to Watch] Step Outside Your Comfort Zone With VICE Magazine's Documentaries [Stuff to Watch] Of all the video content I watch with semi-regularity online, the documentaries produced by VICE magazine continue to fascinate me. For years the publication has existed as an outlet for subculture, often stumbling across hard... Read More and short films. They might not be the highly-polished blockbuster releases but this doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of your time, as this list proves.

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Have you seen any of these films? Any similar repositories of indie films? Let us know in the comments, below.

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