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A few years ago I featured two of my favourite YouTube members in an early Stuff to Watch post about geeky tech reviews Funny Reviews: A Whimsical Look At Retro Gaming & Computer Equipment [Stuff To Watch] Funny Reviews: A Whimsical Look At Retro Gaming & Computer Equipment [Stuff To Watch] It’s Monday, and that means more video reviews to kick-start your week with a smile, gasp and probably a scoff. Today’s Stuff to Watch features videos from two fine members of the YouTube community -... Read More , one of which was Lazy Game Reviews and the other was Ashens. Going by his real name of Stuart Ashen, Ashens puts the worst examples of technology, video games, toys, food and other cut-price-crap through its paces for our entertainment.

The YouTuber now enjoys success outside of YouTube as a full blown comedian Make 'Em Laugh: 10 Original YouTube Comedy Channels Make 'Em Laugh: 10 Original YouTube Comedy Channels Life can be depressing at times. I don't care who you are or how good your life is, there is always the chance that something or someone can knock you off your happy pedestal and... Read More , and he has literally (this week) released the long-awaited film, Ashens and The Quest for the Game Child, for free! So, in addition to that tasty morsel of geekery, sit back and enjoy some of his other awesome videos.

Ashens and The Quest for the Game Child

Funded by an IndieGoGo campaign and starring a cast of highly capable YouTube personalities, Ashens and The Quest for the Game Child is a free to watch film brought to you courtesy of Warwick Davis’ Multiverse YouTube channel. The film itself is loosely based on Ashens, who plays a version of himself on a quest for a rare handheld console, the Game Child.

I can’t help but feel there’s more to this than the plot though – the cast is made up of new talent, discovered and chosen for their own online presence. There are also a smattering of real actors, and clear direction from Warwick himself. And to top it off, this is a film that’s been released with no price 7 Legal Ways To Watch Movies Online For Free 7 Legal Ways To Watch Movies Online For Free With the advent of the Internet, media delivery has become so easy and so convenient for us. It started with music but quickly moved to include TV shows and feature-length films, and in the wake... Read More tag via YouTube – as if you need any more reasons to watch it.

It’s cheap, it’s light, it’s entertaining and hopefully it’s the first of many.

Poundland Specials

In the UK, Poundland is the equivalent of a dollar (or maybe two dollars, depending on where you live) store. In it, you will find the worst examples of disposable crap money can buy, usually for (you guessed it) a pound. Ashens virtually makes a living out of the ill-fated decisions of middle-management, and so his Poundland specials remain his most requested videos from readers.

At the time of writing there are 12 Poundland special videos on Ashens’ YouTube channel, and the choice of items are as ever superb. Ashens has even picked a few themes, like the Poundland girls toys special below:

And this, seasonal Easter special featuring

You can watch the rest of the Poundland specials in this playlist.

Ideas Men

I’m going to cheat slightly here, and feature a series that was uploaded on Damien Slash’s YouTube channel, but was still written and created in equal part by Stuart Ashen. This is in fact an entirely different side to the Ashens saga, and it’s refreshing and hilarious in qual measure.

These short 3 minute something videos poke fun at some of the terrible thought and decision-making processes that take place on an almost daily basis. There’s a hearty dose of British humour and various BBC references here, but the jokes come thick and fast.

The worst thing about these videos is that there are only four of them, five if you include the outtakes. This is an outrage – I’d pay to watch an entire series of this.

Check out the playlist on Damien’s channel here.

Terrible Food

Another of Ashens’ passions is poisoning himself with terrible food. With a natural talent for finding the worst, most chemically-packed eye-wateringly sour sweets you’d forbid your children from even looking at, Ashens has produced some fantastic terrible food videos over the years.

In addition to just bad food, Ashens also has a taste for out of date food, like the following 24 year-old gummy dinosaurs.

And, when that’s not enough then he steps it up a notch like in the following Chinese delicacy special.

Knightmare TV Show Remake

In 1987 British TV saw the first episode of a TV show called Knightmare. It was a TV show for children in which three team mates guide their sightless “dungeoneer” through a dungeon using good communication. The show became an institution, and now for the first time since 1994 the show has returned for one last outing.

Starring Ashens and a score of other YouTubers who grew up with Knightmare on the idiot box, this is an epic piece of children’s TV re-imagined.

The Rest

With more than 280 videos to watch, if you’ve developed a taste for terrible tat, outdated food and knock-off iPhones, you will find a world of entertainment on Ashens’ YouTube channel.

From fake iPhones (above) to pre-loved retro games consoles (below), subscribe and enjoy!

Do you have any favourite Ashens videos? Any similar YouTube channels I should check out? Add your own thoughts in the comments, below.

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