Watch Full Star Trek Episodes Online on YouTube

watch full star trek episodesYou may or may not be aware that you can now watch full Star Trek episodes online on YouTube. The CBS has put 70 episodes of Star Trek online for you to watch in high definition picture quality.

This shows that YouTube has come a very long way from laughing baby videos and it is now being considered by the major studios as a serious platform for full length TV shows.

You can find and watch Star Trek shows online by going here. There is a complete playlist.

If Star Trek is not your thing or if you’re looking for something else to watch after all 70 episodes are finished, CBS has also uploaded other full-length TV programmes. As you can see, this includes MacGyver, Jericho and Beverly Hills 90210. If you keep a watch on that page, I’m sure they will upload other TV programmes in the future.

However, if you are outside the US, you will not be able to watch full Star Trek episodes online and will be greeted by this message when you try to click on one of the videos :

where to watch star trek online

Typical of CBS to be spoilsports! However, fear not because you can easily bypass this restriction by downloading and running Hotspot Shield which suppresses your IP address and makes YouTube think that you are in the US. Then click on the YouTube link again and you will be taken straight through to the desired video. MakeUseOf had a thorough guide on how to set it up in How To Watch Movies and Shows on Hulu & Sling from Abroad.

Do you know of any other legal full length TV shows on YouTube? For instance, a while ago we also showed you that Youtube is a great place if you want to watch standup comedians online. Tell us the links in the comments and we’ll check them out! HBO’s channel seems to be just programme highlights and there doesn’t seem to be official YouTube channels for Fox, ABC and NBC.

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Patrick Spreng

They aren’t on YouTube, but full-length videos of all 17 episodes of the 1960’s era masterpiece, “The Prisoner” starring Patrick McGoohan can be found at AMC-TV’s site:



Thanks for the article, but I had a few issues. I live in the UK and have a 20mbit cable connection. After installing hotspot shield I thought i’d skip youtube and try Hulu. I tried several video’s (trying a few I thought wouldn’t be so popular) but found the streaming to be very slow and resulting in every video I tried, to be unwatchable. Is this just Hulu, Maybe? But more annoying than that was that I found everytime I start my browser, hotspot shield forces me to click on advertising links before it lets me continue. What’s that all about? Thanks but I’m off to uninstall Hotspot shield.

Mark O’Neill

I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about regarding the advertising. I have Hotspot Shield on my computer and I have been watching Star Trek on YouTube from my home here in Germany and it works perfectly. I have seen no advertising whatsoever. The streaming is also very fast for me so your streaming problem is a Hulu problem in my opinion.

Hotspot Shield is just a small app which sits in your taskbar and suppresses your IP address so the advertising issue is most probably ALSO coming from Hulu, NOT Hotspot Shield.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but I would also recommend you run an adware scan on your computer to be on the safe side.


I did try out star trek on youtube before removing hotspot shield and found that it streamed satisfactorily. There were a few tiny niggles like the audio seemed to be very quiet but that it was watchable. However The advertising I remarked on was definitely not Hulu as it said something along the lines of ‘To begin this anonymous session click any of our sponsors’. I just done a quick search and found this link talks about how AdBlock Plus stops Hotspot ads – so I’m guessing Hotspot was the culprit, affecting me (in the UK) anyway. Thanks again for the article though.

Mark O’Neill

So these ads are being placed on the actual webpage and you have to click past them? Wow. Well that doesn’t happen for me so that must be a country-specific thing.

Can’t you just ignore them? After all, you’re getting to watch programmes such as Star Trek.


Sorry for the double post, firefox crashed and when I checked it looked like the post was’nt successful…Doh! Anyway, the ads for me were way to annoying, there was a banner at the top stealing screen real estate and at the start of a session a whole page of ads that you had to click on one and then close it. There’s no way I could live with that, perhaps if it was DS9 it would be worth installing it each time you wanted to watch an episode then remove it afterwards….lol




Hi Mark,

I tried Startrek on YouTube before removing Hotspot Shield and it was ok apart from the audio being a little quiet.

However, Im not sure if your version of HSS is old or something, but after a quick google I found HSS to be at blaim

One of the constant nuisances that plague Hotspot Shield users is persistent (and sometimes inappropriate) onslaught of ads built into the HSS monetization scheme. It’s dubious enough that Anchorfree steals ad revenue from google adwords users by masking them with amazon ads, but HSS creates a massive box on the top of every page users surf to as well–completely vanquishing an incredible chunk of screen real-estate.

Apparently the firefox add-on Ad Block Plus helps with this but funnily enough I have that installed and still got hammered by the ads!

Anyway Thanks for the article!

Mark O’Neill

Wow, I am really shocked because I don’t see any of that at all. I am using the latest version of HSS and I have just started it to see if it is doing it to me and it isn’t.

So I am really pissed off that I am promoting it on MakeUseOf and now I am hearing this that they are engaging in unethical behaviour.

But it looks like that they are only doing it to users in certain countries and I would really like to know why they are targeting UK users, since I am British myself. I am tempted to fire off a nasty email.

Tari Akpodiete

well, i am quite pissed off at HotSpot Shield. what a piece of shit. never used to be like that. it actually hijacked my browser. every time i went somewhere, it did a frames like thing and showed me ads. wouldn’t mind if it only did it while i was on youtube, but no, EVERYHWERE. and then it hijacked my search results. i went to Google to see if there were complaints about it spring ads and what it did was show me something OTHER than my google searches. it showed me something that looked like a search page from somewhere, but was really a page of paid links masquerading as search results. i could see my real results under it, but couldn’t get to them. SLEAZY SCUMBAG BEHAVIOUR. and to think i just recommended them on twitter. i’m in Canada, by the way. i would pay a reasonable one time fee for a downloadable program like this that did NOT do this sort of crap.

Tari Akpodiete

are you using an older version? i couldn’t turn it off. it kept doing what i have described even when it was not actually active.



W00t, I love Star Trek! And believe me, torrents of the episodes are slow and take up way too much space! Although since the episodes are in one chunk, youtube does put ads in by itself (I know this to be fact). So maybe HSS is only putting 9/10 of the ads in, and youtube is cashing in a little. I wouldn’t know, being in the US.



This hotspotshield is a piece of shit, DO NOT INSTALL!!!!

On my computer, this app is opening a lot of advertisements, or change the banners on a homepage to other banners.



hotspot shield is ad-supported so they target advertising to you. Nothing wrong with that, but many people, like me, don’t like the ads or the possible privacy issues. A low cost paid alternative is Personal VPN from Witopia, It works with hulu, cbs, boxee pretty well from my experience.

Tari Akpodiete

George, you’re from Witopia, right? nothing wrong with that except not disclosing it.



Note: video doesn’t play on iPhone/ipod touch


Vincent Chow

For those who aren’t comfortable to install extra programs just to watch region filtered YouTube videos, I have blogged about the solutions here:



Patrick, many many thanks for the Prisoner heads up!

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