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If you cannot catch a live sporting event on TV, then you probably record it to watch later. But you certainly would not want to waste time watching the recording of a bad match. Using “Should I Watch” you can set options that determine whether or not a sports match should be seen.


Should I Watch is a free web service that helps you save time by informing you if you would be interested in a sports match. After recording a particular match, you could check with Should I Watch to determine whether the recording is worth watching.

For example if you have recorded a Celtics versus Lakers match, you can set the website to notify you if the Celtics lost by 10 points or more. If this happens, you can choose to not watch the match. The service does not inform you of the outcome of the match; it only analyzes the game’s output and notifies you of your own set condition.


  • A simple and user friendly website.
  • Helps determine whether or not a past sports match is an interesting one to see.
  • Helps you save time that would otherwise be wasted on watching an uninteresting sports match.
  • Supports matches of NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL.
  • Similar tools:  SportMeets and FootieFox.

Check out “Should I Watch” @

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