Warning: PayPal And Symantec Possibly Attacked In Anonymous November 5 Attack Spree [Updates]

shutterstock 86909384 e1352142070346   Warning: PayPal And Symantec Possibly Attacked In Anonymous November 5 Attack Spree [Updates]Guy Fawkes day is on the fifth of November, and in honor of that, Anonymous has allegedly been busy launching some attacks. It looks like PayPal and Symantec have been victims of the attacks, although neither company has confirmed that these attacks have happened. In fact, PayPal has denied that anything has been compromised, but Anonymous has posted, and since removed, a document listing information from 27,935 accounts.

At this point, the whole situation is murky at best. Account information may have been compromised, or it may not have. Either way, it would be in your best interest to change your passwords and account information for any PayPal and Symantec accounts, just to be on the safe side. The last thing you want is to have your private information stolen, especially when it only takes a few seconds to make the changes required to protect yourself.

Besides the possible hacks of PayPal and Symantec accounts, it appears that Saturday Night Live and Australian government websites were defaced in alleged attacks.

anaonhack   Warning: PayPal And Symantec Possibly Attacked In Anonymous November 5 Attack Spree [Updates]

It’s been a busy day for the group, and this means we all need to be careful with our private information, especially on a site like PayPal, which is directly linked to finances. Many people receive large sums of money through PayPal, so having that information stolen could be devastating. We recommend keeping an eye on your accounts and changing your password.

Hopefully, the companies involved will soon issue a statement regarding the alleged attacks, and what they plan to do about it, if they did indeed occur at all.

Source: ZDNet

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Chaos Emperor

so scary o.o
thanks for the warning

Brandon Clark

Indeed, changed my passwords and checked account usage immediately after reading this.

Chaos Emperor

Same with me

Hoku Sarroca

gawd wish they would put their talent to better use…


I’m so sick of these morons.


And to think people have a life just going around hacking…

FĂ©lix S. De JesĂşs

I’m now F***d
B/C I already purchased 3 things on eBay, using my Card and with Paypal :(

Dave LeClair

If you change your password you should be okay. All they did was post information, but if you change that info, you should not have a problem.

Boni Oloff

Why they ataccking Paypal and Symantec, since they are helping people so much.
Isn’t it better to get a bad company as the target?

Brandon Clark

The challenge most likely, it works both ways, this now shows paypal and symantec that they have a flaw in their security and that it must be addressed and corrected to prevent future incidents. If it was a bluff, then they know to beef up security regardless.

Boni Oloff

Hmm.. That’s correct i think, so more like grey hat hacker..


Thanks for the notice. I’ve just changed my password and security questions, as well as telling everyone I know to do the same

Craig Snyder

I seem to remember being berated in the comments some months ago for posting an opinion article that highlighted how these guys are not exactly “heroes” and more or less just attention-starved troublemakers who do whatever is required to attract the spotlight for the time being. Welp.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Yeah. Yet so many people see them as Robin Hood persona and whatnot.
They don’t own the sites they attack. Wait till their sites are in the hit list.
If they really want to test security, telling the ‘target’ first and asking for permission would be the way.

Boni Oloff

Yap, that’s the white hat hacker work. They hacking to test the security only.


paypal can be dangerous, this can do damage to a well known institution.

Boni Oloff

How that can be?
There are many online payment service out there. What’s the diference?


difference can be server and location, plus the benefit to attack paypal or other.

John Hannibal Swift

Paypal make you jump through a few hoops before allowing a change of password, also not the easiest thing to find; where to change the password. Could be clearer.

Dave LeClair

They do make you jump through a couple of hoops, but that is for your own protection so no one can hijack your account.


My god even such big names considered the safest ones are vulnerable.

josemon maliakal

really annoying

Deji Greg

another problem on board, cyber crime in progress, cyber security breached

Jon Smith

why aren’t these sites more equipped to faced hackers? these people as commenters pointed out have a lot of their information

Rajaa Chowdhury

Deleted my PayPal account yesterday night after reading this article. Had a good night’s sleep after that. :)

bryan acido

I need to change my password!


I never have any of those account but it still worries me

Kelley Miller

just changed all passwords! better safe than sorry :)

Brandon Ragoo

Could anyone please inform me about what the group of hackers are protesting for ???
I would of liked to do some research on it but unfortunately have to work on a draft for a project which I have due for tomorrow. Thanks in advance oh and I believe neither of the companies will admit there websites were hacked it will just make customers scared and worried and they will not want to be involved with the company ever again, thats what I think.

druv vb

Thanks for the info Dave LeClair.
Although its not clear why Anonymous attacked PayPal and Symantec, it clear that the hacking group is moving to harms way. I doubt Anonymous will ever reveal all that information for public misuse. But this action will surely make people fear and hate the Anonymous group. Its not that they are good or bad. Maybe the group wanted to test the security of those sites to make it more secure. Maybe just for fun. Or maybe it really happened. Everything is possible in the virtual world.

Debra Beshears

Thanks for letting us know. I will be sharing this via social networking!

Shmuel Mendelsohn

Who would have thunk it?

Robert Backlund

There is a log in feature of Pay Pal that everyone should be using. After the initial user name and password that most sites require you can sign up to have a random pin texed to your cell phone that is only valid for 5 minutes to complete the final step in logging in to your account. I have been using this feature for the past year or so and it only adds a couple of minutes to the log in time. I have gotten to where I only shop online vendors that accept paypal as a payment method because of this log in feature. Someone may get your user name and password either by getting a keystroke logger installed on your system or by hacking a web server somewhere but they will not have access to your cell phone that you need to complete the log in to PayPal. I only wish that every vendor and especially banking and credit card sites offered this form of log in.


Well Paypall deserved it. Time to move on to other payment method. Good thing that other sites going to adapt different payment than Paypal.
I’ve read other articles that users lost their money by Paypal and all the posts I’ve read seems they’re very angry about it. Well at the moment, this has not happend to me, but if it does I feel the same way as they.
Skrill or Moneybookers seems legit as an alternative perhaps.