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If you are interested in the war in Afghanistan, then you should check this out. The War Logs is a full-scale online digital map from the Guardian that shows 300 of the most important individual war incidents in Afghanistan. This visual tool is actually a sliver of the 92,201 events from leaked military records released by Wikileaks. Still, it shows you the extent of war-related activities in the country.

incidents in afghanistan

To use this map, simply pan and zoom through the area and click on each point. Each point is color-coded depending on the nature of the event. For example, gray is for accidents, dark blue  for Afghan friendly fire, light blue for coalition friendly fire, red for civilian casualties, and gold for demonstration or unrest. Clicking on each point gives you a summary of the event plus the date and time of occurrence.

incidents in afghanistan

You can also read the full log entries for each event. the log includes a full summary, casualties, event category, event type, and more. The War Logs is based on Google Maps.


  • Color-coded points.
  • Events divided into different categories.
  • Read full log entries.
  • Based on Google Maps.
  • Based from intelligence data given to Guardian.

Check out The War Logs @

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