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I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of fanboys suddenly cried out in joy and were then suddenly silenced. Maybe that’s because JJ Abrams, who is currently directing the new Star Wars movie, is offering you the chance to appear in the next Star Wars movie, if you in turn donate a minimum of $10 to UNICEF.

The announcement was made by JJ Abrams himself on the Star Wars set in Abu Dhabi. And in doing so, gave the fans a glimpse of the set.

The offer works a lot like a Kickstarter scheme. Starting here, there are different monetary levels, with different prizes and advantages if you sign up for one of the limited places. It starts at $10, and goes all the way up to $50,000 which would obviously be out of the reach for all but the richest hard-core Star Wars fans. $10 gets you a digital badge (whatever that is) while it steadily goes up to T-shirts, lightsabers, VIP tours of Lucasfilm, and exclusive screenings of the movie next year. Oh and 50 grand also gets you the title of Jedi Grand Master of the Order. I can just hear the geeks squealing with delight right now as they don their Jedi robes and apply for a bank loan.

It hasn’t been spelled out on the site exactly how they will choose the winner to appear in the movie. Does it depend on how much you have donated? Or will it just be a name in a hat-luck of the draw kind of deal? However they do it, I’m sure they will make it fair and transparent.


So will you be donating for a chance to be in the movie? If so, which scene would you hope to film? Any particular character?

Source: Omaze

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