Printable Checklist : A No-Nonsense Online Checklist Creator

checklisthead1   Printable Checklist : A No Nonsense Online Checklist CreatorYes I know that title is a little long winded but this is such a simple service and it is truly awesome. I personally use my Windows Mobile Touch Pro for all my list making and checking.

I have shown you how to set up two Windows Mobile phones to sync task lists. But what do you do when you need to print a quick check list? I mean from any web connected machine that can print? Do you open up Word or Excel and start formatting?

That was exactly what “AskTheAdmin” used to do until I found a little known site called the Printable Checklist and it is so simple I might have a hard time writing a whole article about it”¦ Nah!

Enter, a dead-simple to use and extremely useful online checklist creator.

checklist1 thumb   Printable Checklist : A No Nonsense Online Checklist Creator

I made my way over to the site and then without any downloading or logging in I was able to create a checklist, modify a list and of course print a list.

By clicking the “Add item” button you will get another line that says “Click to edit”.

You simply click on the line to get a text box to enter text. Pretty easy and straight forward eh?

checklist2 thumb   Printable Checklist : A No Nonsense Online Checklist Creator

So let’s enter a sample list. I click on the green plus sign next to “add item” four times and create my rows. Then I enter my text line by line. I wind up with this little list that I can then tape to my monitor or forehead”¦

checklist3 thumb   Printable Checklist : A No Nonsense Online Checklist Creator

Then of course you can print out your list using your browser’s print command. Then you can use one of those things, I think they call them, pens (?) to check off those boxes!

All kidding aside this is a very handy web application. I for one find it a lot easier to follow a printed list that I can cross out and crumple up than using my phone ““ especially in the supermarket. Did I mention that I hate the supermarket?

In conclusion ““ I love Printable Checklist and I hate the Supermarket. And I’m out :)

How do you keep up with your lists? Any other online checklist tool we don’t know about? Let us know in the comments!

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Cool. Made in CakePHP, I wonder… ?

Karl L. Gechlik

Looking through the calls I doubt it but you never know and there is no documentation on it. It is one of those things you just have to be happy works :)

I downloaded a local copy in case it goes off line!


Whenever I see “scriptaculous” I think of Cake, since I see it often used in Cake apps, but I suppose it is used in many things! :)


Your articles are fine. Articles on Everything, Executor, LastPass, Tabmarks are very useful.