Want A Handbrake Killer? SUPER Converts All Videos For Free [Windows]

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super convert videoSUPER for Windows performs video conversion (encoding), file joining, and video recording on a huge number of file types. To date, no free (or paid) video software in its class matches the versatility and broad file-type compatibility of SUPER. The short end is that it will convert, merge and record, almost any video or audio file type around.

On the downside, SUPER isn’t the most user friendly of software, and worst of all, it requires that you install adware. Were it not free and one of the most useful programs of its kind around, I would not recommend it to anyone; however, it will save you a great deal of money if you ever need a solid video converter or recorder.

super convert video


As of early 2013, SUPER forcibly installs JollyWallet and DefaultTabSearch, known adware products. According to some users,  eRightSoft provided little advanced warning that their program installs adware—however, keep in mind that the software is free.

Even so, you should consider uninstalling both adwares, as they are overly intrusive. For those seeking to avoid ads, I will cover how to cleanly uninstall the adware after installing the main software, below.

Because of a maze of ads on the eRightSoft site, installing SUPER can cause some difficulty. To get started, first navigate to the installation page and scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Locate the “Download SUPER setup file” link and download the file.

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The installation process will force the installation of two adware. However, it will appear as though you have some control over which software is installed—don’t worry, you don’t. Even so, opt out of the first two adware options, and then complete the installation process.

super converter

After installing the main program, you will want to immediately uninstall the adware. As of 2013, the two software that you will uninstall are JollyWallet and DefaultTabSearch. If you accidentally installed the optional software, the WhiteSmoke Toolbar, then you should get rid of that, as well.

Uninstalling Adware

If you already know about how to remove software, skip this section. If you’d like a refresher or just a quick walkthrough, keep reading.

There are two methods that you can use to remove the adware JollyWallet and DefaultTabSearch: First, you can simply uninstall both from the “Add or remove programs” menu within Windows. However, for those who want a full sweep of their PC, try using Aaron Couch’s guide to the excellent SpyBot anti-malware toolkit.

Using “system scan”, SpyBot fully removed the remnants from both adwares, without any trouble. However, the fastidious may wish to try Malware Bytes.

What’s a Codec?

A movie on film is made up out of a lot of still images. The average film contains about 30 pictures-per-second of footage. Putting this in perspective: in one minute of film, there are around 1,800 pictures!

Raw audio and video files can occupy a tremendous amount of space. For example, uncompressed audio, also known as a WAV file, can crunch down to a fraction of its original size. The various size-reducing methods, such as MP2 or MP3, rely on removing the storage burden of sounds that occur outside the audible range. For instance, what would sound like silence to a human being in WAV, and yet takes up space, takes up no space in MP3.

Unfortunately, there are many kinds of video and audio codecs, because each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are proprietary, while others are open-source and available for free.

An important point: Most YouTube videos can only be edited using special software sold by Adobe, known as Flash. Also, YouTube does not want people downloading their videos—they prefer that we “stream” (watch a video live) rather than download, because downloading a video allows us to edit them—which causes a conflict with intellectual property rights laws. Additionally, the act of copying a copyrighted work violates the law in most countries. However, despite this unwieldy legal burden, there exist a great many works within the public domain.

One of the first methods of compressing videos is referred to as MPEG-2, which is the codec that will be used when the United States switches from analog (uncompressed) to digital broadcasting (compressed using MPEG-2).

If we were to transfer a film to video, such a large number of images can absorb a lot of space on a computer’s hard drive, so to reduce its size in a digital medium, software engineers developed many different methods of compressing video and audio data down into a smaller, more manageable format—software used to compress video are known as video and audio codecs. Video codecs compressed visual imagery, while audio codecs compress sound. Unsurprisingly, a movie on YouTube contains two components: an audio and video layer.

super converter

SUPER’s Video Conversion Process

Once you circumnavigate the adware laden installation, it’s time to get to the meat of SUPER: video conversion. The process is five-part: First, select the container format to use; second, choose the video codec; third, choose the audio codec; fourth, choose the video output settings; fifth, choose the audio output settings.

Before getting started, however, make a quick note of some of your video file’s properties: Right click on the video file and select Properties from the context menu. Then select the Details tab. Write down the following details, under the video sub-heading:

  • Frame Width
  • Frame height
  • Data rate
  • Total Bitrate

super converter

Under the audio sub-heading, in the same menu, write down the following:

  • Bit rate
  • Audio sample rate

These will later be used when you convert the video. If you fail to properly input these figures, there may be issues with the outputted conversion.

After collecting the required information, simply fire the software up. At the main menu, drag-and-drop your video file onto SUPER’s interface.

super video converter

Next, pick an Output Container, an Output Video Codec and an Output Audio Codec.

Click on the drop down menu for container—you will see a huge number of file types. For simplicity, choose “MPG”, although keep in mind that you can pretty much choose almost any imaginable format.

I find that MPEG-II works best for the video codec and MP3 as the audio codec, although you may choose others, with reckless abandon. If something goes wrong, you can always redo the process.

super video converter

After that, go to Video and input the information collected earlier. For video scale choose the value corresponding to frame width by frame height. So if your numbers were a frame width of 320 and a frame height of 240, you would pick the 320:240 video scale size. If you divide 320 by 240, you will get the Aspect, which stands for “aspect ratio”.

super video converter

Finally, for Frame/Sec and Bitrate kbps, if your numbers don’t match up, choose the closest value. You can also go lower for these numbers—ultimately, the lower these numbers, the smaller the file size, although there will be a corresponding drop-off in quality.

For Audio, also try to match up the information gleamed earlier. Keep in mind that Sampling Freq adds two zeroes.

And, finally, check the Active box and then press the Encode (Active Files) button. After a few minutes the Active box will uncheck, meaning the video is fully processed.

super convert video


SUPER is the de facto king/queen of video conversion, including both free and paid software.  While the ad maze on the primary website combined with the mandatory installation of adware on your PC somewhat dampens the experience, the ultimate utility of converting video for free far outweighs the “price” (it is free, by the way).

If you need to convert any video format, even the insanely difficult to convert SWF format, consider giving SUPER a try. For those who would like an ad-free, although diminished, experience, check out four other free video converting software.

Image Credits: Stop via MorgueFile.com; Chalk via MorgueFile.com; Heroes via MorgueFile.com

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Indronil Mondal

how is it better then other??

Kannon Yamada

SUPER has better overall compatibility than Handbrake. It encodes into any (or almost any) video codec and it does direct video recording, which means it rarely fails to work.

Unfortunately, it’s not as pretty, it’s more complicated and it comes with adware. If you can stomach those three issues, it’s worth taking a look at.


Handbrake dropped support for AVI and DIVX/XVID a while back.



I’ve used Super in the past and have found it buggy and somewhat hard to use. I prefer Mediacoder which does have a learning curve, but supports both CUDA (nVidia Graphics Cards) accelerated encoding as well as Intel Quick Sync in the newer Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors. Freemake is quite good and easy to use. It also supports CUDA and other graphics cards.

Kannon Yamada

The newer versions of SUPER are substantially less buggy than older ones, however, MediaCoder looks like it came a long way since I first heard of it. I’ll need to take a look at it in the future. Thanks!


Paul Parkinson

I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than use something which has blatant Adware baked in from the get-go. What else is there that shouldn’t be there?

Why not have a paid version? Sorry – but I’m not touching this nightmare with yours let alone mine…

Julian Altshul

I agree – don’t touch this with a bargepole! I downloaded it once, and unchecked the option to “install Whitesmoke toolbar” – but the toolbar was still installed, and it took me ages to remove it. Needless to say, I also uninstalled Super and have no intention of using it again. There are other programmes that will do the trick, without foisting adware or malware onto you!

Kannon Yamada

I’m also troubled by their lack of a paid version. Because the software is clearly worth purchasing.

I suspect it has to do with what the adware companies paying per installed user. If a paid version didn’t have ads, it would cut down on the number of eyes seeing their ad.

Fair point though. In the future I’ll try to avoid covering ad supported products – if they install the ads independent of the software.


Asif Mistry

I think handbrake is better and lot less confusing


Yes, I’ve always hated the cluttered interface; why not adopt a tabbed interface, with a tab for output container, then audio, then video, and a final tab with a summary and the output meters? The existing interface is a kludgy clusterfarm…now that I don’t need support for older formats, I’m going back to Handbrake…


Dhaval Shah

freemake video converter – lacks a little in customization, but solid stability, solid results, easy to use, good amount of conversion options and other features.



Adware = Not a chance of installation.

Recommending an app that forcibly installs malware is pathetic. I don’t care how good it does it’s intended tasks, it isn’t worth the time spent. Poor choice to write about.

Kannon Yamada

There’s no malware associated with SUPER, however, it does have ad supported software that’s easily removable.

You do make a good point – to what extent should we tolerate ad supported software? Android apps include ad-supported software. Popular desktop software, like Evernote, oftentimes include ads in them. Ads even appear in the browser – all without our consent.

To be honest, I felt a great deal of anxiety writing about a software that’s supported by DefaultTabSearch and WhiteSmoke, though. On the other hand, I would not have suggested SUPER, had it not been so extremely useful.


IIRC, installing something you told it *not* to puts it squarely in the area of “malware”…it’s doing something you don’t want.

Kannon Yamada

You’re right. Wikipedia defines malware in such a way that it specifically includes adware.



Looks really bad, especially with this all adware etc.

Want Handbrake “killer”? Here it is, freeware, using Handbrake engine but with freindly interface (for beginners)



What does this add over Handbrake? You said it was a Handbrake killer, but I don’t understand why – it looks overly complicated, is presumably Windows only, and is riddled with adware. Sounds like a non-contender :)

Kannon Yamada

I should have elaborated – as a ripping utility, it does direct video recording. It also encodes the video in any container format, using almost any video codec you can possibly imagine. So it should offer a better range of compatibility than Handbrake.

Handbrake is amazing software. I actually have both installed on my computer. But I’ve found that SUPER does pretty much anything I want it to.




James Ezell

Will this convert a GoToMeeting encoded video? if not any other suggestions?

Kannon Yamada

Wow, that’s an exotic codec. If SUPER doesn’t handle it, there’s always AnyVideoConverter. AVC I think only does video encoding, and not ripping/recording, but it apparently does convert the file type you’re looking to convert.

James Ezell

I’ll give it a shot. thanks for the reply


Keith Swartz

Oh, yeah! Fantasticool!! Thank you.



With all the other free rippers and converters available, plus commercial ones frequently available legitimately free on sites like Giveaway of the day why deal with one that force installs adware?

Kannon Yamada

That’s a great question. It’s definitely not for everyone. It’s a tradeoff – you get the equivalent (or better) of paid software in exchange for uninstalling adware. I believe it’s worth the trouble, but if you’re not comfortable with the ads, then you are correct. There are other options available.

There’s a lot of people out there with “nonconvertible” video files who would like a solution. I hope this article can help those people.



As soon as you said that the app requires you to install adware ( with no option to opt out), you lost me. Shame on you for promoting such an intrusive product especially with your repeated assertions of “it’s free”. There is a substantial cost in terms of time navigating that awful install page and them removing the crap adware once you get the program.


Scott M

I can’t stomach crap adware.I don’t mind something that seems to have a purpose.The ones with crap always seem to leave traces of garbage within my system no matter how carefully I in stall it.



Does SUPER handle subtitles? (It didn’t last time I checked.) Otherwise I’ll stay with FormatFactory.



Can this re-encode PlaysForSure media? I’ve been looking for something to allow me to watch some videos I purchased on my Ubuntu box, but so far haven’t found anything that allows for me to transfer files to my other computer. I don’t get it. I BOUGHT the files why should I have to pirate them to use them legally?

Kannon Yamada

I know there’s a lot of people very upset over Microsoft encoded media files. I suspect that MS intended the PlaysForSure codec to make sure we couldn’t play their files on any other machine. To my knowledge, nothing reencodes PlaysForSure. :-(


Michael McCormick

This seems like a great program but why would i want something that is going to forciably download adware. they should not have anything out there that is going to download adware with the program that you no matter if it is free or not.



Thanks for the heads-up on SUPER…I’ve been using it ever since Handbrake dropped AVI/DIVX support, but, since I’ve upgraded some things that weren’t compatible with MP4/MKV (new Blu-Ray player, and a new Android phone), I can now use Handbrake for all my devices.



And why is this better than Handbrake?



I prefer Avidemux ;)


Tim Brookes

I’ve got a handbrake killer for you – drive home from work with the parking break on, that should do it ;)

And it still disappoints me that software developers continue to drag their own fruits through the dirt by including spyware and the like. I don’t mind optional stuff, but this is part of the reason I ended up on OS X in the end.

Kannon Yamada


Yeah, it would seem the readership has spoken – no adware apps!

I sometimes find myself wanting to get a MacBook Air but then I realize it’s more than I can afford. That and the OS becomes obsolete in two years. :-(

What we’re really looking for is Ubuntu LTS on a Macbook Air!

Tim Brookes

OS becomes obsolete? As in that’s the OS X software cycle? Not really obsolete – Lion still works fine, as does Snow Leopard for some. It only costs $20/$30 to upgrade a version of OS X, though I got a free upgrade as I purchased my MBP shortly before Mountain Lion was released.

I guess that might be some advice – wait till the next version is due out and Apple announces free upgrades. Saves you $20, and you get a nice laptop. My girlfriend has the MBA, it’s awesome but I was swayed by the Pro for its glorious screen and raw power. This thing flies.

I’d warn against putting Linux on a new MBA though. When you buy a Mac you’re also buying into OS X and the wonderful hardware/software integration. You’d be better off getting a cheaper laptop, sans OS if you’re going to do it that way.

Kannon Yamada

For some reason I thought the MBA didn’t have upgrade-able components – notably RAM. And it came with something like 4-8GBs. Meaning it would not sustain more than two years of OS updates, if a snappy OS is desired.

Right now, if I had th money, the best option for me would be a ChromeBook Pixel with Ubuntu (Chrubuntu) installed. But thanks for the info on the Macbook. Always wanted one but not willing to pay th


Abhijith R

I like everything but there should be better UI. Right ?



Kannon Yamada dare I ask you to have a look as well at the Reincubate Video Converter? Worth maybe including it to the other free video converting software?




Between this and Hand Brake, which gives better file sizes?

Kannon Y

It depends on the method and Bitrate that you use. Super has a much wider range of codecs that can be used, though, so if you pick the right now, Super can give smaller file sizes.

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