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Have you ever thought of going on vacation to a random place in the world? Wanderfly is a web app and online flight booking service that lets you do that easily. Wanderfly will suggest you a random place for vacation that suits your preference. All you have to do is input where you are coming from, your budget, when do you plan on vacationing, the place that you want to explore, and your interest about a place.

vacation suggestions

To use Wanderfly, go to its homepage and enter the necessary parameters for the search. You can even specify a range for your budget and as for the date, you can choose a vague part of a month (early, mid, or late) and specify the number of days.

As for the place that you want to explore, you can specify a certain country or you can just leave it at “˜anywhere’ if you are feeling adventurous. Then you can choose from casino, eco, food, culture, outdoors, romance, shopping, spa, party, beach, entertainment, and luxury, so Wanderfly can also suggest the activities that you can do within a place.

holiday recommendations


  • Holiday recommendation engine.
  • Plan a vacation on a random place in the world.
  • Specify your budget, date of vacation, place (optional), and interests within a place.
  • Suggest places, as well as flights, hotel, and activities based on the parameters you’ve input.
  • Provides information about the place suggested.
  • Can suggest multiple trip ideas.
  • Similar Tools: Gowaza, BudgetYourTrip, IgoUgo, and GlobeTrooper.

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