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When your computer starts up, the desktop wallpaper is one of the first things you see. While working, it is the most prominent thing and having an image there you like improves your computer experience.

The very same thing applies to your smartphone’s wallpaper or the cover photo on your Facebook timeline. To find the proper wallpaper, you need a source that offers visually appealing wallpapers; these images should be made searchable according to various parameters such as keyword, color, and resolution. Here to offer all of these useful features in the wallpaper domain is a site called Wallpoper.

wallpaper images for facebook

Wallpoper offers its users a plethora of wallpapers ranging all types. When you visit its homepage, you find thumbnails of numerous wallpapers and you can click on any one that interests you. Alternatively you can search for wallpapers using a keyword search. Other search parameters supported by the site include searching by colors included in the wallpaper and searching by the resolution of the wallpaper.

You will find resolutions neatly sorted into Standard screens, Widescreen, and mobile devices. Your computer’s / device’s resolution is also automatically detected and shown.



When you find an image thumbnail you like, click on it and you will be able to see it in full view. Underneath the image you will find options to make the image your Facebook cover photo or begin editing it. The site offers Aviary’s embeddable image editing interface. You get a bunch of useful image editing tools for your wallpaper without leaving your browser.

Wallpoper: Get Wallpaper Images For Your Computer, Mobile Or Facebook Cover Draw1


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Offers visually appealing wallpapers.
  • A variety of wallpaper resolutions are offered.
  • Wallpapers can be search by name, color, and resolution.
  • Wallpapers can be edited online.

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