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WalletWatcher is a free service that helps your manage your finances and track monthly budget and spendings online. Once it’s properly set you will be able to find out where your money goes, identify the areas where you tend to overspend, set monthly budgets for different things (car, groceries, bills etc.), see how much money you can start to put aside for savings, get detailed spending reports and so on.

WalletWatcher -Track your Budget and Spendings


  • Manage your budget and track spending habits online.
  • Set budgets for different areas and find out where your money goes.
  • Assign transactions to different categories (Shopping, Going out etc.)
  • Get detailed spending reports including all of your monthly transactions.
  • Set monthly or yearly reminders for direct debit and bill payments.
  • Mobile access: Add transactions and lookup remaining budget from your mobile phone.

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