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Losing your wallet is a nightmare. You lose all your identification cards, credit cards and other important stuff that can be used to steal your identity. The best thing to do in a scenario like this is to get all your cards canceled so the chances of ID theft are eliminated. However, it is nearly impossible to remember all the different cards you had in your wallet and their contact numbers. Here’s where WalletGarden comes in.

WalletGarden is a simple tool that lets you store information about different kinds of cards in your wallet to a free and secure online account and comes in handy when you lose your wallet. It does not let you store the actual credit card numbers but other related information like the type of card, contact number of customer support, name on card, etc. You can add as many cards as you want and even add notes for each one.

Then if you do lose your wallet someday, you can just come back to your WalletGarden account and know whom to call about each card.

what to do when you lose your wallet


  • Store information about your ID, credit cards online.
  • Access the information if you lose your wallet.
  • Protects you against identity thefts.
  • No sensitive information is stored anywhere.

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