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Customizing your desktop starts with having a wallpaper you like. There are tons of websites that provide free wallpapers but if you are looking for a large collection of high-quality wallpapers, WallBase is an excellent option. The site hosts over 350,000 free wallpapers that you can download.

You can search WallBase by keywords or even by color. Just select any color from the HTML color wizard and WallBase will display wallpapers containing that color. You can also narrow down the search by specifying the desired resolution, aspect ratio and purity level. Search results are displayed as thumbnails and clicking on any thumbnail would open the image in full resolution. You can also browse images randomly or go through the toplist.

download high quality wallpapers

download high quality wallpapers


  • Download high quality wallpapers
  • Lists¬† over 350,000¬† wallpapers.
  • Wallpapers with resolution as high as 2560 x 1600.
  • Find wallpapers for normal screen, wide screen and netbooks.
  • Search by keyword or desired color.
  • Report a wallpaper as NSFW.
  • Browse by finding similar wallpapers.
  • Similar sites: Nat Geo Wallpapers, Wallpaper Stock and SocWall.

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