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Walking is a healthy practice. Not only does it keep your legs active but it also battles absentmindedness. A web service that lends you hand and gets your employees to walk more often is WalkerTracker.


WalkerTracker is a wonderful web service for companies that provides them with an interface to keep record of the steps each employee walks daily. By letting employees record the number of walked steps, the interface lets managers hold competitions based on these steps. Levels and points are assigned to members, all based on the number of steps they take. Payments plans vary from organization to organization but people unassociated with companies can use the service free of charge. Individual users can sign up to interact with site members and to get motivation to walk more often.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Free for individual use.
  • Offers various payments plans based on company use.
  • Lets members log number of walked steps daily.
  • Lets companies hold various competitions.

Check out WalkerTracker @

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