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One thing people look for when looking for an apartment or home is how easy it will be for them to walk places. Some people prefer to live a car-free lifestyle, and obviously, it is important to have the places you need within walking distance. If the places you need are not within walking distance, than you need to make sure there is some form of public transportation.

Walk Score is designed with this in mind. It rates the address of any location in the USA, Canada and New Zealand based on walk-ability. It finds all the places in various categories that are nearby and adds a rating based on how accessible everything is.

For example, my house has a Walk Score of 23, which means I am car dependent.

In addition to attaching a score, it will show you the name and locations of places like bars, grocery stores, schools, banks and many other types of places. This way, you know exactly what to expect before you move to a new location.



  • Find out how well you can get where you need to via walking for any address.
  • Gives a score that can be used as a selling point for real estate agents.
  • Shows names and distance of places nearby.
  • “More Amenities” tab finds even more nearby places.
  • Find public transportation for places you can’t walk to.

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