WakeSmarter: Customizable Alarm Clock App [iOS]

Wake Smarter is an iPhone application that takes the alarm clock to the next level. You can now forget those old, classical default alarm sounds.

Wake Smarterr   WakeSmarter: Customizable Alarm Clock App [iOS]

Wake Smarter is an alarm clock that can be configured according to your needs and requirements. You can not only set the ringtone of your choice, but you can also fall asleep while listening to your favorite songs, relaxing ambient sounds, podcasts or even audiobooks.

The morning alarm can be set to a variety of messages. You can set it to wake up to the sounds of Internet radio, your favorite song, weather forecasts, birthday reminders, Facebook postings and Twitter feed and even your horoscope or joke of the day.

Wake up with a smile every day. Not only that, but the interface can be customized to 3 clock designs, and with over  30 stylish backgrounds, Wake Smarter is one of the best alarm clocks available out there.

Wake Smarter can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for $2.99 only.


  • A very minimal cost of $2.99
  • Selects songs or internet radio as alarm.
  • Set birthday reminders.
  • Record your own wake up messages.
  • Customizable alarm sounds.
  • Requires iOS 5.
  • Similar tools: Wake N Shake.

Check out Wake Smarter @ http://itunes.apple.com/us/app//id479032853?mt=8

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Just downloaded this app – I think its a really cool concept.