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If you are planning to go off the grid soon, then you should rush over to Kickstarter and pledge a few dollars on the WakaWaka Power Project. With 13 days to go, the WakaWaka Power project has drawn an impressive number of backers and dollars.

It’s not surprising because mobility is what the modern digital lifestyle is all about. But you need an energy source to power up all those devices when you are on the road. WakaWaka Power is at its most basic a solar charger. But unlike common solar chargers, it brings a lot of features to the table.

WakaWaka Power can charge any smartphone or tablet – from a Samsung to an iPhone.  The developers claim a 200% efficiency benchmark over any other solar charger in the market. The secret sauce is in the chip and the power management program of the mini-power station. Apart from its role as a smartphone charger, WakaWaka Power is also a table-top light source which can provide you with up to 100 hours of reading light – on a single day’s solar charge.

WakaWaka Power is in the prototype stage now, but quite close to its official launch. The developers are also hoping that contributions to the project via Kickstarter will also help them to light up the lives of Haitians after the devastation of the 2010 earthquake. Kickstarter backers can still earn themselves a handsome discount when the project comes out into the sun.

We expect the suggested retail price for WakaWaka Power will be $79, starting from May 2013. For all you backers, the price will be $69 and for early birds even $49! (nearly 40% discount…) – WakaWaka

Source: Kickstarter


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