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Literally hundreds of URL shrinking services have launched over the last couple of years and most of them offer nothing unique or different. In this crowd, VyuMe (pronounced  View Me) is among the very few that do stand out due to unique features. In addition to offering a very good URL shrinking tool, VyuMe also adds a social touch to it.

To begin with, VyuMe lets you add a personal note to any URL that you shorten. This note can have up to 500 characters and is a very good way to let users know exactly what this link is about. You can also use this to tell them if it is not safe for work or will expire soon or any other relevant information. However, if the users still don’t feel comfortable going to the link, they can preview it. Clicking on the short URL displays the complete URL of the destination page and lets users decide if they want to continue.

Users can also post comments about the link so you can get feedback. You can set your options to receive an email notification whenever somebody posts a comment on your URL. Moreover, you also gets statistics so you know how many people viewed your link. Within your VyuMe account, you can also sort all your links by date, number of views or number of comments. The VyuMe homepage also displays the most popular shared links, most shortened domains and most popular users.


  • URL shrinking service with social features.
  • Add notes to your link.
  • Lets users preview the complete URL before going to it.
  • Users can post comments to a shortened URL.
  • See how many users viewed your link.

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