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Online real estate listings help you advertise available properties to Internet users. But if you want to reach out to the smartphone audience, you will need to start using a service called VyooIT.

mobile real estate listings

VyooIT is a free to use web service that lets you create mobile-friendly real estate listings. After creating an account on the website you can enter the details of your property available for sale or rent to create a ‘Vyoo’.  Alternatively you can use the URL of an existing online property listing like that on Postlets.

The site generates a short URL and QR code for your listing. The short URL makes sharing the property over social networks easy and the QR codes helps smartphone users to quickly reach your property listing page through their phones.

mobile real estate


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create mobile-friendly real estate listings.
  • Accepts new listing information or a URL of existing online listing.
  • Provides shortened URL and QR code for listing.
  • Offers direct sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email.
  • Similar tools: MyRental, Zilok, UnitConnect, PadMapper, RentBits and ASimpleMeasure.

Check out VyooIT @

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