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Vuzit (“views-it”) is a web based PDF viewer that allows you to embed documents on any web page. It’s fast, easy, and free. It makes it easy for someone to upload the document and then distribute/share it online with others using a simple 2-line embed code. Documents can be embedded on pretty much any website. It works on blogs as well.

At the moment Vuzit supports only PDF files, however support for Microsoft Office documents is coming as well. Also note that document files should be smaller than 50 MB in size and less than 300 pages. Depending on the size, some documents may take longer to load. Bigger documents take longer to process. It took roughly 5 min to upload and get the embed code for 290 page long document.

Vuzit - Online PDF Viewer

Furthermore, uploaded documents can be stored online for as long as you need. There are no bandwidth or storage restrictions. Plus the document links never change, so you can link to them without worrying that one day your links may expire and break.

Viewers are able to zoom in/out, navigate document using the scroll bars, easily jump to any page, use keyboard shortcuts, download and save the document as PDF file and so on.



As you can see above, it’s clean and simple. On the other hand, it still lacks some of the basic features like the ability to grab the embed code directly from the viewer, option to download the document in different formats and commenting.


  • Embed PDF documents anywhere on the webpage
  • Works on mobile devices iPhone, iPad and Droid
  • Customizable look and feel

  • Any web browser and operating system

  • Similar tools – Scribd, Edocr or Issuu

Check out Vuzit @

  1. Mark
    May 23, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    You can share and display any document (more than 200 document types) in your own blog or on any website where you can add html code. Simply copy paste the embed code from Docuter into your blog or web page and give a unique viewing experience to your users.
    Sharing Documents has never been so easy. With Docuter now you can upload documents and send a link to the document to anyone. You also send Advanced Link where you can disable the printing on that document for that person. So that user can only view the document and not print it.
    Docuter gets indexed by all major search engines so you can even drive traffic back your blogs and pages.
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