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Vudu is a video streaming rental service owned by the behemoth known as Wal-Mart. They function very similarly to Netflix, except instead of paying a monthly fee, you pay per rental. Their system has always worked from a computer, PS3, Boxee or Internet-connected Blu-Ray player, but they have revamped their site to make it fully compatible with the iPad.

Seeing as Netflix has had an iPad app available for a while it only makes sense for Vudu to embrace the iPad as well if they don’t want to be left in the dust by Netflix. After all, Netflix has already crushed most of the competition. If Vudu hopes to see any success in the market Netflix has a choke hold on they need to make sure there is nothing Netflix offers that they do not.

This is not a full iPad app, but just a redesign of the site to make it function swimmingly on the iPad. By using a browser-based solution, this allows Vudu to avoid paying the 30% commission charged by Apple for selling and renting video on their devices.

The one place where Vudu edges Netflix is on new releases. Since they charge per video, production companies are more willing to put their products on Vudu closer to when the product launches.

The prospect of beating Netflix for anything movies is a lofty one, but it seems that Vudu is moving in the right direction by embracing the iPad.

Source : Macworld

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