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Vudu has launched a new offering called Vudu Movies On Us. This lets you watch thousands of movies and television shows for free with “limited commercials”. Which is something we can all put up with if it means we get to consume content for free, right?

Vudu Movies On Us is a collection of movies and TV shows available to watch for free. In this case, free means having to put up with the occasional advertising break, as these titles are all ad-supported.

The movies and TV shows on offer come from the likes of Paramount, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, and MGM, and many more. Films available at launch include Mad Max, True Grit, Abduction, and School of Rock, to name just four.

Jeremy Verba, vice president and general manager of Vudu, said:

“As part of the Walmart family, Vudu is always looking for new ways for customers to save money – and nothing is more affordable than free. With Vudu Movies on Us, customers can watch HD movies and TV for free, and on-demand, with limited commercials.”

“Millions of customers already buy and rent content on Vudu on a monthly basis. This new service provides value for customers who want to watch movies and TV for free, when and how they wish to watch, without sacrificing quality.”

Vudu Movies On Us Is Both Free AND Legal

Vudu is a offering a sweet deal here. Although a Vudu account IS required, you don’t even need to have payment information on file to access the free, ad-supported content. So while Vudu’s ultimate goal is to draw you into buying or renting other movies or TV shows, at least it isn’t being too pushy about it.


There will, as always, be people complaining about advertising 4 Alternative Models To Advertising That Are Working Right Now 4 Alternative Models To Advertising That Are Working Right Now Advertising shouldn't be the only way for content producers to make money. Luckily, it isn't - plenty of reputable organizations fund themselves without ads, online and off. You, the readers, had a few things to... Read More . However, sitting through the occasional ad here and there is surely preferable to paying cold, hard cash for the privilege of watching flicks. The difference being that Vudu Movies On Us is a legal option enabling you to do so while still paying everyone involved. Unlike piracy.

To access Vudu Movies On Us, log in to Vudu, click either the “New” or “Spotlight” tabs, and then click “Movies On Us”. You’ll then discover thousands of movies and TV shows available to watch for free with limited ads.

Will you be watching Vudu Movies On Us? Are you happy to put up with ads if it means you can watch movies for free and (crucially) completely legally? Do you prefer this kind of setup to Netflix or Hulu, which require a monthly subscription? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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