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What’s worse than sitting behind your desk, watching videos when you should be working? Sitting behind your desk, watching videos, instead of working without learning something, of course.

Once again productivity takes a backseat to the pursuit of knowledge, so forget your deadlines for a moment and ponder some of life’s most interesting, unanswered and outright bizarre questions with Vsauce.

What Does Human Taste Like?

Forgetting the moral implications of a human meat trade for a second, from a scientific standpoint we’re packed with nutrients and would probably make a tasty meal. There are even people who don’t see the problem with eating human meat, provided all parties are consenting.

But human meat is still seen as one of society’s biggest taboos, and some countries even have laws to stop us eating each other – so exactly do we taste like? The answer, according to William Seabrook, might surprise you…

The Science of the Friend Zone


We’ve got 90s sitcom Friends to thank for the term “friend zone”, but it was a generation of seemingly “nice” guys who turned it into the term of male entitlement it has become. Thankfully, Vsauce breaks this down into terms even the most entitled Internet forum moderator could understand.

It all boils down to the “friend zone” being a state of mind, often brought about by idealization – being ignorant of flaws and incompatibility and letting yourself get carried away with emotion in the face of adversity. For a slightly more amusing and foul-mouthed breakdown of the “friend zone” check out the referenced Jenna Marbles video (NSFW for swearing, naturally).

Why Are Things Creepy?

Probably one of the most shared videos Visualize The Most Shared & Viewed Videos On The New YouTube Trends Maps [Updates] Visualize The Most Shared & Viewed Videos On The New YouTube Trends Maps [Updates] If you are wondering what's going viral across the U.S., YouTube has the answer fon its newly launched interactive trends map. The Trends Map tells you at a glance which YouTube videos are popular according... Read More of 2013, Why Are Things Creepy takes a look at the science of being scared and exactly what makes something officially “creepy”. It seems we’re often far more scared of the unknown than very real danger, with “the future” often coming out top in our list of fears.

And then there’s uncanny valley, the human-forms that are human to a point but manage to retain some strange or ambiguous features on which we build our unfounded fears. As humans we’re really quite good at scaring ourselves 7 Bone-Chilling Classic Horror Films You Can Legally Download Or Stream for Free 7 Bone-Chilling Classic Horror Films You Can Legally Download Or Stream for Free Read More , and that’s probably got more to do with our evolution than we first thought.

Is Anything Real?

A few weeks ago I featured a YouTube channel called Computerphile Computerphile: Learn The History, Hacks & Tech Behind Everyday Computing [Stuff to Watch] Computerphile: Learn The History, Hacks & Tech Behind Everyday Computing [Stuff to Watch] If classic technology-themed television from the pre-Internet ages is something you remember fondly, you might want to give Computerphile a watch. Read More , and one of their episodes posed the question: what if the universe is a computer simulation? While that video touched on the world of digital physics, Vsauce takes the concept and throws it off a pier by questioning the existence of anything at all.

While this video asks a lot of questions, it also attempts to answer a few too. For example, what does a memory look like? And how can you prove that the world, this article or the video itself exists? The answer: you can’t.

Are We Ready For Aliens?

Whether you believe we’re alone in the universe or not, there’s no doubt that the arrival of extra-terrestrial life would kick up a bit of a storm. So much so that many have considered that – deep breath – governments have been lying to us all along about the existence of life in the cosmos.

But really, are we ready for it? Don’t governments have perfectly acceptable reasons to shield us from the truth? Whatever you believe, this video takes a look at how prepared we are, and what some of the brightest political and scientific minds think.

Moving Illusions

Illusions involve tricking your brain into seeing something in a certain way, despite the physicalities of the situation suggesting otherwise. These range from static images that appear to move as your brain processes them to camouflage designed to mask the shape of a ship or a skewed decal printed on the road.

One of the most interesting examples of optical illusions involves the Titanic, and the theories as to why the iceberg wasn’t seen sooner and the delays between rescue teams arriving and the ship’s demise. Watch the video for a full explanation about this, and many other types of illusion.

The Rest

There are nearly 300 Vsauce videos, all of similar calibre, exploring some of the strangest phenomena, most contentious theories and the wildest subjects that your teachers at school wouldn’t dream of touching. If you’ve enjoyed these, you should subscribe using the link below.

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