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Vorbeo isn’t the first site which lets you create a poll for your website. But if you are looking for the quickest and simplest way possible for creating an online poll then Vorbeo instant poll creator could be your best bet.

instant polls

The service is amazingly hassle free. Just type in the poll question, enter the answers one per line (up to 20), customize the vote button, background color, width and height of the poll and then get the HTML code. During the entire process you can see the live preview of the poll right on that page. The results of the poll are shown on their site. No registration required at all.

instant poll creator


  • Instantly create online polls for your site.
  • Enter a question and multiple answers.
  • Customize the vote button, color, width and height of the poll.
  • See the live preview while you create the poll.
  • Free and no registration.

Check out Vorbeo @


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