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Vonage, best known for their incredibly cheap VoIP phone service, recently launched a mobile application for iOS and Android. This application allows users to call and text other people with the application for free. You can also make unlimited calls to a regular Vonage VoIP number at no charge. This is a great alternative for users who are looking for a way to make free calls with a program other than Skype.

The thing that makes this story really noteworthy is that Vonage is undercutting Skype’s international long distance rates by an incredible 30%. It’s similar to the tact Vonage took with their home phone service, coming in at a price that is nearly impossible for competitors to compete with. It will be interesting to see if this puts any pressure on Skype to lower their rates for calling internationally.

Any calls made are charged through credits purchased within the application. Because these credits are added through iTunes or Android, there is no need to give Vonage your credit card information.

For the launch of the app, users will get free calls to any phone in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. This is a limited time offer, so if you want to take advantage you will need to get the application right away.

Here’s the application links:



Source: Venture Beat

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