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Phone networks often do not offer the best international call rates. Thankfully however there are online services that let you make inexpensive international calls through your computer or SIP device. One such service is VoIPclub.

VoIPclub is an excellent voice-over-IP service. Firstly, it offers a desktop app that lets you call other computers for free thereby facilitating free computer-to-computer audio conversations. The computer apps can also be used to dial international calls if you have a balance in your account – the service accepts PayPal payments. You can check out VoIPclub’s call rates to judge how inexpensive they are.

After you sign up for VoIPclub’s premium services you can easily make the service compatible with the SIP devices that you own. All you will need to do is change the SIP port, registrar, proxy server information and use your VoIPclub username and password.



  • A user-friendly service.
  • Lets you call computer-to-computer free.
  • Offers inexpensive international call rates.
  • Compatible with SIP devices.

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