Vocaroo: Record Voice, Send it to Friends, Post it Online

Vocaroo is a quick online voice recording app where you can record voice messages and afterwards share them with others via email or personal webpage. Next time you want to send someone a voice email or add an audio message to your online profile (ex. Myspace) make sure to give Vocaroo a try.

vocaroo   Vocaroo: Record Voice, Send it to Friends, Post it Online


  • Simple way to record and share voice messages online.
  • Record as many messages as you like (no restrictions).
  • Preview voice recording before sending it.
  • Send voice recording by email or embed it onto your blog or online profile.

Check out Vocaroo @ www.vocaroo.com

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Hi, I’m glad I stumbled upon your site. The tool you shared is very interesting and very easy to use! And of course best of all, it’s Free! The sound quality unfortunately isn’t the greatest, but hey, what can you expect, it’s functional and free, guess we’ll just have to get in a more quiet environment during recording.