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Learning new words can be a pretty boring task, but with VocabGenii it becomes quite interesting and easy. VocabGenii is a tool that lets you expand vocabulary by playing different word games. You can choose from a multitude of game modes and difficulty levels. Each game tests your vocabulary and teaches you new words by challenging you.

After the game, you can review the words you have missed and see their definitions. You can also continuously track your progress and see how many words you are getting right against how many you are skipping. Share your game results on Facebook and compete with your friends to make it moreĀ challengingĀ and fun.

expand vocabulary games


  • Build your vocabulary by playing games.
  • Multiple game modes and levels available.
  • Review words you have missed.
  • Track your progress and share with friends.
  • Compete with your friends for more fun.
  • Similar tools: Knoword, Wordstash, MyIntercambio, Howjsay, VocabSushi, and Memorista.

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