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Social media is all about getting your personal message out to the world, and so far there’s already quite a few routes for people to choose from. Facebook and Twitter are perfect for rapidly posting text, and YouTube and Vine The Best Twitter Vine Videos Created So Far The Best Twitter Vine Videos Created So Far Short films can be truly amazing. Like the best short stories, short films often pack more meaning into their brief running times than full-length movies (or novels) do. There's something about the genre that compels... Read More are great for quickly broadcasting video.

However, there’s nothing really out there for audio. Sure, you could post a few things on SoundCloud, but that site is obviously more for musicians. What about us regular people?

For us, Vobok is a mobile app that allows users to post recorded audio messages out there for the world to hear. You can even attach a photo or text post to it in order to give your audience the full story. Granted, because of its lack of popularity, there isn’t much of an audience out there. However, it’s quite likely that this won’t be the case for very long.

share audio

The app lets users post 30 second audio snippets just like a tweet or a status update. Files don’t seem to be downloadable, but this isn’t too much of an issue. Normal users could likely post mini-diaries of sorts to update friends on their current life events. However, there could be a few other uses, too. For instance, bands could post samples of their music or companies could provide mini-tutorials about their products.



Regardless of how you use it, Vobok seems like a great app that offers a completely unique way of sharing your voice with the world.


  • Records 30-second audio clips.
  • Posts audio clips publicly.
  • Can add images to clips.
  • Share and listen to your friends’ clips.

Try Vobok for iOS and Android now.

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