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Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a virtual desktop environment that enables you to access your preferred desktop applications on cloud-connected devices like Google’s Chromebook. Google comes together with VMware in move to bring you the best of both worlds – the low cost of ownership with a Chromebook, and the use of Windows desktop software. VMware is a virtualization company and one of their flagship products is VMware Horizon DaaS.

The product description says, “VMware Horizon™ DaaS® Platform for Service Providers delivers Windows desktops and applications as a cloud service to any user, anywhere, on any device“.

Google is making the use of legacy applications on Chromebooks even easier with the HTML5 protocol called Blast. You can connect to a Windows desktop and data that is running virtually on the cloud with VMWare Horizon View. Google is positioning the feature to take advantage of the phasing out of Windows XP in a couple of months time. According to the Google Enterprise blog, Chromebook sales are on an upward swing in the business segment as they come with the advantages of easier administration and low cost of ownership. The VMware Horizon DaaS Platform fills a much-needed gap.

Google says:

As the countdown to Windows XP end of life continues, deploying Chromebooks and taking advantage of a DaaS environment ensures that security vulnerabilities, application compatibility and migration budgets will be a thing of the past.

VMware Horizon View 5.3 will be available with Chromebooks as an on-premise service or by VMWare vCloud Service Provider Partners (VSPPs) offering DaaS in the cloud or within hybrid deployments.


Source: Google Enterprise Blog via The Next Web

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