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Recipes are excellent to learn how to cook, but they lose their value when the instructions don’t make any sense. VisualRecipes solves this problem by bringing you step by step recipes with photos. It is a neat website with thousands of visual recipes ranging from appetizers and sauces to lunches and dinners. You can read the recipe step-by-step along with pictures or simply view a slideshow of the recipe.

step by step recipes with photos

Each recipe detail also includes the list of ingredients, a little introduction and history to the recipe, as well as the details about cooking and preparation time. Each recipe can also be rated, commented on, printed or shared on any of the major social networks with a single click. A detailed category listing of recipes let you browse the website without any hassle.

step by step recipes with pictures


  • Thousands of step by step recipes with pictures.
  • View the recipe as a slideshow.
  • Browse by occasion or cuisine.
  • Rate, comment, print or share.
  • View related recipes.
  • For more similar sites check out MakeUseOf “recipes” section.

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