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If you are interested in finding out how much traffic a particular website is getting, head to It a web service that estimates daily traffic and lets you visualize this data by comparing stats against the population of countries. This allows to easily understand just how much people are visiting that website.

how many visitors does a website get

VisualizeTraffic is very simple to use – just enter a domain name in the large search box to get websites’ traffic estimates. The first table shows the number of daily visitors ranked against populations of different countries. A check with shows that it is between Palestinian territories and Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can then read a short explanation and a trivia about it is daily number of visitors accompanied with picture of a stadium.

how many visitors does a website get
how many visitors does a website get

The second table likewise shows your website’s visitor country demographics. You can also get more stats such as pages per visit, page views per day, and pages viewed per second – handy for quick competition checks.

how many visitors does a website get


VisualizeTraffic helps you put the numbers into perspective. If anything, it allows to actually comprehend the actual amount of  people behind all those numbers.


  • Get an estimate on how many visitors does a website get.
  • Find the most recent checked domains
  • Visualize data by comparing it against country population
  • Provides cool trivia about your daily visitors
  • Shows visitor demographics
  • Free; no sign up required

Check out VisualizeTraffic @

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    how to increase traffic to my website