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If you are wondering what’s going viral across the U.S., YouTube has the answer fon its newly launched interactive trends map. The Trends Map tells you at a glance which YouTube videos are popular according to both shares and views, and includes a breakdown of popular YouTube videos by region and city. Or at least that’s the promise, as the map is currently only available for the U.S., but Google tells us to stay tuned for updates.

The YouTube Trends map displays popular videos not only by city, but also breaks down the data by demographic indicators such as gender and age groups. You can tell from the map what’s popular with women or men, or what the teenagers are watching across the United States. The sweeping grey bars are indicators for the number of regions where a specific video is at the top of the charts. Clicking on a video thumbnails opens it up inline.

The YouTube Trends Map is a part of the Trends dashboard, and takes the data from the Trends dashboard across a 12-24 hour period.  Just like the comprehensive Trends data, the visualization tool could be useful for YouTube promotions and marketers as well. For individuals, it’s an visual and interesting way to find out if we’re watching what the rest of the U.S. (later the world) is too.

Will you make use of the YouTube Trends map?

Source: YouTube Blog

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