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Tablets are all the rage now. It seems like everyone has tablet iOS, Android or some other OS available to them. With that comes all kinds of cool new uses for them. Vision Objects is a product that specializes in taking advantage of HTML5 for use with tablets and handwriting recognition. In that spirit, they offer a demo of their products that you can try in a web browser or on your favorite HTML5 tablet.

handwriting recognition technology

They offer all kinds of things for you to demo. You can play a couple of simple games, translate text, draw and much more with this free service. It’s fun to play with and get a feel for the cool things that can be done with a tablet that uses handwriting recognition.


The really impressive thing about Visual Objects is how accurate it is. I have horrendous handwriting, and it was able to pick up on what I was inputting, without fail. I have had teachers at school tell me that my handwriting borders on unreadable, and yet this software is able to pick up and put out what I am writing with ease.



Find Vision Objects Demo @

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