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There are an increasing number of online tools that explore how the Twitter stream can be made more fun. Adding to this list of tools is VisibleTweets that creates animated twitter stream, perfectly suited for large screen displays.

animated twitter

Visible Tweets lets you search for things on the Twitter stream Twitter search operators are supported. Simply enter your search item in the space provided on the site’s homepage. The site then gets relevant Tweets from the stream and displays them one by one via an animation, against a background that varies its color.

animated twitter

You can change the search item and animation styles on the top right of the display.

animated twitter


This simple tool is perfectly suited for large public displays such as those on television and monitor selling shops.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you visualize Tweets from the Twitter stream.
  • Displays the Tweets individually via an animation.
  • Lets you control the type of animation.
  • Similar tools:  DEXTR and Rollgator.

Check out Visible Tweets @

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