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Visible Body is an interactive 3D human anatomy visualization tool. It lets you view detailed 3D models of all major organs and systems of the human body, including 1700 anatomical structures, with easy to use 3D controls and dynamical search capability. It is available right from your browser and free to registered users.

view human anatomy

The application is useful not only for med. students, teachers, but everyone who wants to learn more about the human body. The models were developed by experts with decades of experience in the fields of medical illustration and biomedical visualization.

(Note: You need to install the Unity Web Player browser plugin from the website before you can run the app)

Check out the demo below for additional details:



  • Complete, fully interactive, 3D human anatomy model.
  • Over 400,000 registered users.
  • Detailed models of all body systems and all major organs.
  • 1700 anatomical structures.
  • Dynamic search capability.
  • Easy-to-use, 3D controls.
  • Compatible with all popular web browsers

Check out Visible Body @

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  1. CRJohns
    October 3, 2009 at 9:15 am

    This site is NOT free to registered users. The only aspect that is available for free is the 7 day trial. Thereafter...

    Subscription PlansVisible Body subscriptions are available to educational, individual, or business users, payable with any major credit card.

    Subscription prices are:

    Educational Use: $17.95 (1 term/5 months) OR $35.95 (2 terms/1 year)
    Individual Use: $14.95/month OR $119.95/year (auto-renewing)
    Business Use: $29.95/month OR $239.95/year (auto-renewing)

    Undergraduate- and Graduate-level Instructors: Free subscriptions for the academic year are available for undergraduate- and graduate-level instructors. For access, email us at Please make sure to include the name of your institution, your on-campus mailing address and phone number, and your subject area.

    K-12 Schools: Institutional subscriptions are available for K-12 schools for $700/year.