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VirusTotal is a very popular multi-engine virus checking website. Since no single antivirus software can detect all the viruses on its own, it is better if you can test a particular suspicious file or URL using all of the popular antivirus programs out there. VirusTotal lets you analyze such files online using 40+ popular antivirus engines simultaneously.

To test a file, simply go to their website, upload your file and scan it for threats. Now, you can analyze files even faster thanks to VirusTotal Uploader. It is a software tool that lets you analyze files right from your desktop without having to go to the official VirusTotal website. And it includes a couple of other features, which makes it a better option to analyze files for threats.

First, you can upload files by drag-and-dropping them to the program window. Second, you can analyze multiple files at once (which you can’t do on the VirusTotal website) and get notified when results are ready.

Third, you can analyze running processes, startup programs and program services right from within the program with a single click. Simply select a process and click “Submit” to send to the VirusTotal servers. It is very convenient and useful when you want to quickly test some suspicious new processes after each new program installation.


The program is easy to use and intuitive. If you submit many files at once you might have to wait a while before scan results are ready.


  • Scan files by drag-and-dropping them onto the program window.
  • Scan multiple files at once.
  • Scan startup programs, services, running processes and active connections.
  • Similar tools – VirusChief, NoVirusThanks.

Check out VirusTotal Uploader @  (via Ghacks)

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  1. TheVictor
    February 17, 2015 at 10:50 pm

    Form the VirusTotal website:
    "To upload a file to VirusTotal...with the free VirusTotal Uploader utility. After installing it, you can simply right-click any file under 32MB and choose VirusTotal from the Send To Windows menu."

    No mention of a size limit in this article?