Virtual Wi-Fi Router: Easily Create A Wi-Fi Hotspot On Your Computer

People who use USB dongle modems to connect to the Internet often cannot use the same Internet on their phones. A quick and easy solution to this is creating a Wi-Fi hotspot through your computer. Here to help do this is an app called Virtual Wi-Fi Router.

virual wifi   Virtual Wi Fi Router: Easily Create A Wi Fi Hotspot On Your Computer

Virtual Wi-Fi Router is a free desktop application for Windows computers. To use the app, your computer must have Wi-Fi capabilities. The app is a very small download and it sets up rather quickly. You are required to configure your adapter for the first run – detailed instructions for this are provided on the app’s site.

virual wifi1   Virtual Wi Fi Router: Easily Create A Wi Fi Hotspot On Your Computer

What sets this tool apart from other hotspot creators are its future features. The app is continuously evolving and incorporating actual router-like features, instead of simply being a connection point.


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Thanks, this is a nice post. But it seems that this app doesn’t work on my laptop (DELL XPS M 1530). I really wanted to share WiFi with my Android phone so I kept trying apps until I met Virtual Hotspot, I know it’s the one. Freeware, easy to install, supports X64, Windows XP, Vista etc. Now I am really happy with Virtual Hotspot.